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National Day photos of 4 days Guizhou Tour

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The team that had waited for a long time finally lined up on the high-speed rail. Each finds its own seat.

    Everyone talked and laughed on the high-speed rail until they got tired, and then fell asleep and awoke, and awoke and fell asleep.

Unknowingly, it took a few hours to reach Guiyang North Railway Station. When I got off the high-speed rail, I felt the refreshing weather in Guiyang, with a gentle breeze blowing in it, which was particularly comfortable.
After leaving the high-speed rail, I saw our guide Ge, holding a blue banner to greet us and introducing herself to us. She is also from Guiyang. There was also a local couple from Guangzhou who traveled with us. Few people feel particularly relaxed. Then, we took the luggage and got on the special travel car... Along the way, Director Ge introduced to us the characteristic tourist attractions and special products of Guiyang in the car, the refreshing weather of Guiyang, etc.~ I heard it with gusto.

First stop: Come and visit the "Jiaxiu Tower" in Guiyang. It has a long history and profound culture.

The surrounding scenery has a very simple taste of Guiyang~the scenery is pleasant~

It was five or six o'clock after the visit, so I went straight to dinner.
After that, guided Ge and checked into the hotel in Guizhou’s largest real estate "Huaguoyuan". This is all high-rise buildings. The hotel we live in is on the 43rd floor. The lobby is on the 41st floor. Guizhou has many mountains and topography. The buildings are extremely high. The hotel is equipped with central air-conditioning, automatic opening and closing of curtains, and a music system to order songs at any time. It is very spacious and very comfortable.
After everyone packed their luggage, they went downstairs and strolled around to see what to buy, and bought some snacks by the way...
September 29: The second stop, China’s largest karst cave-"Zhijin Cave"
   Taking a sightseeing car to the mountains, the scenery and air all the way are particularly good. There is such a museum outside Zhijin Cave.

After visiting and taking pictures for a while, Director Ge distributed the tickets to us, followed the guide all the way into Zhijin Cave, to understand the magnificence and beauty of Zhijin Cave!
   When I arrived at the entrance of the cave, I walked down the stairs all the way, and it was really a bit cold~ The instructor kept talking about the origin, formation, pattern, meaning, etc. of Zhijin Cave...


   Is it particularly spectacular and beautiful~~~~


Stop and go in the cave, and then half of the journey is up the stairs, which requires some physical strength. (It's really slippery inside, so be extra careful, and friends who want to go should pay attention to wearing a jacket, the temperature inside is low)
   Immediately after we came out, we ate dinner. At about five or six o'clock, we were going to the "Blue House Hotel" for two nights.
   The Blue House Hotel is really a so-called villa area. Looking around, it has a European beauty.
   For those of you who love selfies, we hurriedly put away our luggage, and came downstairs to click~hahaha

  I took pictures all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I saw the cute tandem bicycle on the side of the road. I rode it and wandered around~~ I'll pay the boss when I come back, haha.

Without a meal tonight, we will organize an outing to find food for ourselves~
   After visiting many places, I finally chose-Impression of Miaoling River Fish City


  Eating and eating, the sound of many fireworks suddenly sounded, which is like welcoming us~ (it feels like a New Year atmosphere)

September 30: The third stop, "Steep Pond", the largest waterfall in Asia-"Huangguoshu Waterfall"
  The air in Guizhou is really fresh, the mountains and rivers are so beautiful~
People come and go along the way, and come to the statue of the protagonist in "Journey to the West"~

  The beautiful scenery along the steep slope pond


Repeatedly, every day I was physically exerting physical effort, and there was no need to walk. Ha ha
In the afternoon, we will go to the "Huangguoshu Waterfall" to enjoy the scenery. Because we want to see the panorama of the waterfall from the bottom, we have to walk down the stairs all the way to the lower end~ (In fact, there is an escalator down, but we think we should appreciate it. There are more sceneries and different feelings, so I go down and decide to take the escalator up after reading. The escalator is 30 for one person for one way and 50 for each person for two ways. It depends on personal needs)
 After a long road, I finally saw the waterfall.


It's so beautiful~

   After enjoying the waterfall and returning for dinner, Yuebao Chemical has booked the evening performance of "Daming Tunbao" for everyone. After 8 o'clock, everyone entered the venue one after another~


October 1, the fourth stop: "Tianlong Tunbao Ancient Town"
  Repeated every day for breakfast at 7.30 minutes, gathered at 8.00 and got on the bus and set off. After two minutes of bus ride, we arrived at the destination, and then took a sightseeing bus for a while to enter the "Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town"! Looking around, wow, this town is so beautiful, it contains the customs of the old generation, a very fresh and refined ancient town, it gives me a very clean feeling, each of them is wearing ethnic minority clothing handed down from the previous generation. Very distinctive.

Here, the unmarried girl is called "Niang Niang", the first very light pronunciation~ They still have the traditional etiquette of the previous generation. There are mothers-in-laws in the family who generally wear a white scarf on their heads and shave their bangs. Lose. Married women wear black scarves~

Along the way, there are grandma selling her own hand-made crafts, specialty products and so on. There are also many silver shops here, selling antique silver, we also went shopping and bought rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. The price is also very affordable~

After that, I watched a small performance by ethnic minorities here, and then invited the calligrapher "Happy Lin" to come to the scene to splatter a few inks~ It is really different if I have practiced it, it is simply-"The clouds and the water, the pen is like a cloud of smoke". The pen is sonorous and powerful~

It took about 2 minutes. Ge Dao arranged a car to pick us up to the Guiyang North Station of the high-speed rail, starting the journey back to Guangzhou~
    Feelings and thoughts:
      Back in Guangzhou, many friends will ask me whether Guizhou is fun and how it feels. Why would you go to a place that is so mountainous than Kara?
       Perhaps people who have never been to Guizhou have very little knowledge of Guizhou. You may even feel that there is a very poor place. I thought the same way before I visited it~ This is not surprising.
       However, Yuebao Chemical has experienced this trip and felt very touched, so I wrote this article to praise Guizhou~
           In fact, no matter which province is in China, it is part of China, and we can see its existence on the map of China. Guizhou borders Sichuan and Chongqing to the north, Yunnan to the west, Hunan to the east, and Guangxi to the south. There are high mountains everywhere. Due to the terrain, its development is slower than some other provinces in the mainland. Therefore, most people think that Guizhou is a poor valley. In fact, Guizhou has its own advantages that we should appreciate~
         The biggest feeling of coming to Guizhou is that the air here is really good, the beautiful scenery and the beautiful people are also very enthusiastic, surrounded by mountains, rich in minerals, Guizhou has endless potential to tap~
         The largest waterfall in Asia-Huangguoshu Waterfall, is even more famous at home and abroad~
        China’s largest cave-Zhijin Cave, is even more impressive~
         Guizhou is rich in resources, beautiful in mountains and rivers, and has a pleasant climate. Let us learn more about Guizhou and look at Guizhou from the perspective of development. This is a particularly worthy place to visit. Every province has its own meaning and places worth visiting. Give yourself a time, give yourself a chance to relax, and have the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm and beauty of Guizhou people~

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