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Benzyl alcohol

Benzyl alcohol

Type:Industrial / Pharmaceutical / Food Level

Grade Standard:Excellent grade product

Purity≥ :99.99(%)




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Product Details

Benzyl alcohol
Name: Benzyl alcohol
Alias: benzyl alcohol; natural benzyl alcohol
English Name: Benzyl alcohol
CAS NO:100-51-6
Product nature
Appearance and character: colorless liquid with aromatic aroma.
Melting point (℃):-15.3
Relative density (water =1):1.04(25℃)
Boiling point (℃):205.7
Relative vapor density (air =1):3.72
Relative density (water =1):1.0419
Molecular formula: C7H8O
Molecular weight :108.13
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa):0.13(58℃)
Flash point (℃):100
Ignition temperature (℃):436
Solubility: Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, aromatics.
Solubility :4^17 g/100ml( water)
Refractive index :1.5396

Product uses
Benzyl alcohol is a very useful fragrance, is jasmine, under the fragrance, Ilan and other essential spices. Benzyl alcohol is used to prepare soap; daily makeup essence. However, benzyl alcohol can be oxidized slowly and naturally, some of which produce benzaldehyde and benzyl ether. Benzyl alcohol makes the market products often have almond flavor, so it is not suitable for long storage. Benzyl alcohol is widely used in industrial chemical production. Benzyl alcohol is used in coating solvent; photographic developer; polyvinyl chloride stabilizer; medicine; synthetic resin solvent; solvent for vitamin b injection; preservative for ointment or liquid. Benzyl alcohol can be used as nylon wire; desiccant, dye, cellulose ester for fiber and plastic film; solvent for casein to produce benzyl ester or ether intermediate. At the same time, benzyl alcohol is widely used in pen making (ballpoint pen oil), paint solvent and so on.

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