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Epoxy floor paint construction process

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1. Base surface cleaning: Use a motorized grinder to grind the base surface, and then use a manual grinder to remove the base surface that needs to be thoroughly cleaned;
2. Clean and inspect the substrate: After vacuuming the substrate, check the substrate for cracks and empty shells. If there are any, deep cut and clean up and fill it with epoxy mortar. Since epoxy resin does not contain water, it should be treated. During the process, only dry treatment can be carried out, and brutal beating is not allowed when cleaning, so as not to knock the grassroots on the edge of the loose;
3. Epoxy primer coating: while the substrate is being treated, epoxy primer coating can be carried out. When constructing ingredients, pay attention to the balance of construction progress and materials. Do not open too many materials at a time to ensure that the materials are being coated. It is still in line with the usable time when it is installed, and it is painted before gelatinization, so that the material maintains good permeability and guarantees the bonding performance;
4. After the primer is cured, first use epoxy resin to coat the epoxy quartz mortar with a quartz sand trowel to scrape the epoxy quartz mortar N times to increase the thickness of the entire paint film and strengthen the physical properties of the paint film such as compression and impact resistance; 5. Ring Oxygen resin plaster intermediate coating: After the mortar layer is cured, scrape epoxy plaster 2 coats, seal the sand holes and pores, polish the putty and vacuum clean;
6. Epoxy resin surface coating: polish the middle coating, and under the condition of ensuring that the base surface is completely closed, apply 2 epoxy resin flat coating top coatings according to the design requirements, and mix the top coating materials evenly during construction and then roll Coating construction; environmental requirements for coating construction: the construction base surface should be kept clean and dry, and there should be no cross-working of other engineering constructions, the relative humidity of the indoor air should be less than 85%, and the construction should be stopped when the humidity is too high;
7. On-site cleaning and maintenance, floor maintenance: After finishing the surface coating, remove the relevant construction materials and tools from the site, seal and protect the finish, at least 48 hours before allowing people to enter and walk. No mud and sand can be brought into it. It usually takes 7 days for the paint film to fully cure. During this period, other construction, handling, installation, etc. should be avoided.

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