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CDEA 6501 Coconutt Diethanol Amide

CDEA 6501 Coconutt Diethanol Amide


Grade Standard:Excellent grade

Purity≥ :99%




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Product Details

Coconut oil fatty acid diethanolamide
Chinese alias :6501
English Name: Coconutt Diethanol Amide
Abbreviations: CDEA
Trade name :6501, Ninal
Alias: N.N- dihydroxyethylalkylamide, coconut acid diethylamide, coconut oil diethanolamide, alkyl alcohol amide
Formula: C11H23CON (CH2CH2OH)2
Molecular weight :287.16
 Active content :90%2%
 PH value :9.0-10.0
 Amine value: mgKOH/g 10-40
 Appearance: Pale yellow liquid or paste

Original Domestic
Product No.: 6501
Application Can enhance cleaning effect, can be used as additives, foam stabilizer, foam aids, mainly used in the manufacture of shampoo and liquid detergents.
Imported No
Type Cosmetics emulsifier
Model No.: Emulsifier
Specification 200
Packing size 200kg
6501 Use:
1. the product has the properties of wetting, washing, emulsifying, soft and so on, it has a good bubble stabilization effect on anionic surfactants. Is a liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, cleaning agent, facial lotion and other cosmetics indispensable raw materials. When used with soap, hard water resistance is good.
2. can also be used as emulsifying stabilizer for cream products, and widely used in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing supplies and so on.
3. in the textile printing and dyeing industry, as fabric detergents, and other detergent ingredients and thickeners. It is one of the components of synthetic fiber spinning oil such as polypropylene fiber.
4.6501 is alkanolamide, can be used to prepare metal rust-proof detergent and paint stripping agent.
5. this product has good thickening effect on anionic surfactant as the main raw material.
6. this product has certain anti-static conditioning effect, small irritation to the skin.
7., as an emulsifier for oily raw materials, is widely used in various cosmetics and surfactant products.
 8. has good foaming and foam stabilization performance, and is widely used as foam modifier in detergent foam stabilization.
6501 is a nonionic surfactant with no turbidity points. The properties are yellowish to amber viscous liquid, soluble in water, good foaming, stable foaming, permeable decontamination, hard water resistance and so on. It is a nonionic surfactant, which can be compatible with many surfactants when anionic surfactants are acidic. Can enhance cleaning effect, can be used as additives, foam stabilizer, foam aids, mainly used in the manufacture of shampoo and liquid detergents. 6501 formed an opaque foggy solution in water, which can be completely transparent under certain stirring, completely dissolved in different kinds of surfactants at a certain concentration, and completely dissolved in low carbon and high carbon.
Principle of synthesis:
(1) Direct synthesis of fatty acids and diethanolamine: this process is simple, but it has high cost and many side reactions.
(2) Direct reaction of refined oil with diethanolamine, also known as one-step method. the practical alkanolamide is usually made from fatty acids (FA) with excess diacetate amines (DEA)(type 1:2,1:1.5) to ensure complete fatty acid reaction. the resulting product is an association of equimolar amides with DEA and has good water solubility. However, the content of alkanolamide is only about 7 O, so it is not competitive in the international market.
(3) Acetate is produced by acetic exchange reaction between coconut oil and alcohol and then reacts with diethanolamine to produce product. Also known as the two-step method. At present, domestic and foreign enterprises adopt advanced methyl ester method, which has low reaction temperature, light color, good transparency and high thickening performance. The content of diethanolamide of lauric acid can reach more than 85, and the cost of raw material is equal to that of one-step method, so the product is competitive.
The transesterification process is relatively complex, and the problems of methanol dispersion, labor protection, fire prevention and explosion prevention are involved in the synthesis process. If oil and methanol are used to synthesize advanced fatty acid methyl ester, further separation of glycerol in the product is needed. Therefore, methyl esterification equipment investment is relatively large, more need relatively strict later management.
Traditional 6501 products use coconut oil as raw material. In recent years, due to the rising price of coconut oil, more and more manufacturers use palm oil, cottonseed oil and other oils to partially replace coconut oil. Because of the large molecular weight and high melting point of the finished product, it is much thicker than the alcohol coconut oil product at room temperature. Therefore, according to the amount of palm oil added can be divided into high viscosity and ultra-high viscosity and other models.

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