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The difference and function of benzyl alcohol and methanol
Source:Original | Release Time:[2017.12.15]

Yuebao Chemical's main products
Source:Original | Release Time:[2018.01.04]

Yuebao Chemical& 39;s main productsRANGE OF PRODUCTS (Scope of production)Tertiary Amine Series:C8, C12, C12-14, C1

Guangzhou Yuebao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Promotion Of Fatty Alcohol C-1618
Source:Original | Release Time:[2017.12.27]

Guangzhou Yuebao Chemical Technology Co , Ltd Promotion at the end of the year- "Imported from Thailand C-1618

Overview of benzyl alcohol
Source:Original | Release Time:[2018.03.27]

Overview Chinese name: benzyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol English name: Benzyl alcohol, Phenyl carbinol, Bentalo

What is the difference between epoxy thinner 692 and epoxy thinner 501
Source:Original | Release Time:[2018.07.21]

501 epoxy diluent, also known as propylene oxide butyl ether, is a linear aliphatic du monoepoxy diluent, and it